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Hello, and welcome to your Suzuki Book 4 Song Coach, where you will stretch and develop from an entry level intermediate player into a mature, musical violinist.

  • If you have questions about the lessons, you may ask them in the comments section so everyone can learn, or email me directly at “lora@reddesertviolin.com”. (Make sure you tell me which video you’re referring to with your question.)
  • If you have technical difficulties or trouble accessing your lessons, please contact my technical team.
  • Your sign up bonuses and supplemental materials are available at the very bottom of this page!
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How It Works

Members can login any time to access their lessons, with three new units becoming available to you about every 30 days. You don’t have to do anything special to get the new material. (If you paid the entire amount, then you have access to all the lessons now.) Just log in to see your new lessons any time, as often as you like. You will have full access to all of your videos for 2 full years after your final payment.

How To Get the Most from Red Desert Violin Suzuki Book 4 Songs Coach

Please follow these simple tips to make the best progress as you learn to play violin online:

  • It is very important that you watch all of the videos with your instrument in hand. Pause the videos frequently and follow what I show you on the videos.
  • DON’T RUSH! If you carefully work through each piece in the book, you solidify your playing, which prepares you for what lies ahead. It’s like building a bridge AS you cross the river….you must get each step prepared before you advance to it.
  • Practice what you see in the videos. If you don’t practice you’re not really a violin student. You’re just watching online videos!
  • Ask me questions! Use the comments area to ask questions and I will answer them. Email me if you prefer.

Lesson Supplements and Tools

Make sure you download all your supplemental material below. If you print it (and I think you should), I recommend keeping it organized in a 3-ring binder to avoid becoming a 3-ring circus!

  1. The first tool is the printable PDF scale book. It gives you 1, 2, and 3 octaves, which is more than you will need for this course. Feel free to only print each page as needed.
  2. The second tool is the audio recordings. Download these and keep them handy at your practice station. For your convenience, I have included your choice of the smaller mp3 file, (acceptable sound, and small download) or the larger .wav file. (sounds better, but larger files)
  1. The third tool is the Prep Exercises for each piece in Book 4. Work your way through the Prep Units with these in hand. Mark the exercises that you MOST need, and ignore the rest. (My mom always said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”)
  1. Download the RDV edition of the Bach Double. This edition eliminates page turns, but has preserved the Suzuki markings.(I have included both Violin 1 and 2 for your enjoyment)
  2. Utilize your “Playalong” videos. Use the slow, medium, and fast violin-only playalongs to help you build continuity and eliminate halting in your playing. Use the “Piano” playalongs to put the finishing touches on each piece.
  3. Your most important tool came with your computer. It is called a “Pause” button! Use this tool frequently to shush me up, and practice what I just asked you to do.

Prerequisite Skills

It is expected that you are comfortable with the following skills. If you are deficient or weak in any of these areas, you may need my remedial course which prepares students properly for Suzuki Book 4. It is called “Bridge the Gap”. If need be, we can remove you from this course and enroll you in Bridge the Gap.

      • Functional vibrato (it’s okay if it’s a work in progress)
      • Note Reading proficiency
      • Posture and form
      • Bow hold
      • Basic tone production principles
      • 3rd position and shifting
      • Basic Spiccato
      • Double stops basic skills
      • Ability to play with metronome

Required Books and Equipment

You will need the following items:

      • Suzuki Violin Book 4 (revised 2008 edition OR International edition): You must build your library, and this course will not work if we are not working from the same book.
      • Metronome (or phone app, or computer streaming)
      • Pitch Generator (or phone app, or computer streaming)

Many online stores carry these items, and although shopping locally is GREAT, we know Amazon reliably keeps them all in stock.

You can purchase a Book+CD bundle, however, you do not need to purchase the CD because your membership in this course includes MP3s of Lora playing the entire book with a professional pianist, PLUS tracks with piano only so that YOU can also play with a professional pianist when you are ready!  That said, I love to compare various violinists, so it’s not a bad idea to get the bundle. It only costs a couple clams more.

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