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Hello, and welcome to Fabulous Fundamentals: Suzuki Book 2, our online violin lessons that continues your journey to violin proficiency!

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  • Please watch the videos below to learn how the course works and what you can expect.
  • If you have questions about the lessons, please ask them in the comments section so everyone can learn. (Make sure you tell me which video you’re referring to with your question.)
  • If you have technical difficulties or trouble accessing your lessons, please contact my technical team.

How It Works

Members can login any time to access their lessons, with three new units becoming available to you about every 30 days. You don’t have to do anything special to get the new material. Just log in to see your new lessons as long as you remain a member or until you finish the course.

How To Get the Most from Fabulous Fundamentals Book 2

Please follow these simple tips to make the best progress as you learn to play violin online:

  1. It is very important that you watch all of the videos with your instrument in hand. Pause the videos frequently and follow what I show you on the videos.
  2. DON’T RUSH! While some lessons might seem slow to you and you might want to skip ahead, do NOT do this. The lessons are in the order and at the pace that I have perfected over years of teaching beginning students. If you rush through, you will miss important concepts and skills that you will need to know later.
  3. Practice what you see in the videos. If you don’t practice you’re not really a violin student. You’re just watching online videos! If you haven’t already, make sure you download my Ultimate Practice Guide so that you can be sure you’re practicing smart, not just hard. You can find a link to the Guide in the Member Resources area. This link is at the top of each lesson page once you log in.
  4. Ask me questions! Use the comments area to ask questions and I will answer them.

Lesson Supplements and Tools

Each batch of lessons, or unit, includes a couple of valuable tools. They are self-explanatory for the most part, but I want to tell you how I would use them anyway.

The first tool is the printable PDF, “Lesson Summary” file that you will find at the top of each Unit. Print this sheet out and keep it where you can see it during your practice sessions.

Use this document to jog your memory about the main points in each lesson, so that you don’t always have to re-watch every video. Although I would also suggest you watch each video numerous times, the summary tool will help you to stay on track and save time. I have taken the time to summarize major lesson points, practice tips, and practice tasks. You will then need to use these notes and create a practice plan.

The second tool is my fabulous “Practice Coach.” It will help you to practice effectively, efficiently, and to keep you focused. Before long, you will hardly even need the Practice Coach tool, but it will be there just in case!

Do I Need to Buy the Sheet Music for Book 2?

Although you can get by without buying the Suzuki Book 2, (because you will still be learning everything by ear) it’s a good reference and it makes a good cheat sheet if you get stuck on a particular song. It also helps to have it on the harder songs, so if you don’t buy it now, you’ll probably want it later. I recommend that you buy it. Many online stores carry it, and although shopping locally is GREAT, we know Amazon reliably keeps it in stock.

However, you do not need the CD of Suzuki Book 2 because your membership in Fabulous Fundamentals includes MP3s of Lora playing the entire book with a professional pianist, PLUS tracks with piano only so that YOU can also play with a professional pianist when you are ready!

How the Course Is Structured

Introduction and Skills Review

Now Get Your Sign-Up Bonuses!

Your bonuses are also in the “Member Resources” area, which can be found at the beginning of each unit. If you lose your files, you can easily replace them.

  • One of your bonuses for signing up is a downloadable mp3 of Lora playing Suzuki Book 2 with pianist Jed Moss. Download that here.
  • Here is a recording of piano ONLY so you can play along solo if you want to.
  • Another bonus is free access to the course, “Learn to Read Music”. This course has 24 units, and you can download the sheet music as you go through it, unit by unit, or you can get it all in one file here.
  • We will be working on 2 octave scales. Download your scale book here.
  • How the Learn to Read Music Course Works

    Included with your membership is my bonus course, Learn to Read Music. Please watch this video to learn how it works.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: I will make several references to a “Scorch” app in this video and throughout the course. The Scorch app is no longer updated or supported by the developer, and it REALLY won’t inhibit your ability to use this course.

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