Extend Access to Your Videos While You Can!

Your Red Desert Violin membership includes access to your video lessons for 2 years PAST your final payment. I hope this has been enough time for you to complete your work. It is important to me that my students don’t feel pressured and feel that they have enough time to absorb the mountain of information presented to them.

But if you need more time or simply want to retain access to review the lessons at your leisure, you have an affordable option to extend access to your lessons. Please make your extension within 60 days of your lesson expiration.

This is an effort to keep the tuition for Red Desert Violin’s first rate lessons steady for as long as possible. With a growing number of students, hosting and server expenses increase, and this is the best solution to address this issue. (although, it is a good issue!)

Current Policy Regarding Video Access:

  • Video access expires two years after your final payment for any course.
    If you sign up for a course that is billed for 7 months, then you will have access to your videos for 2 years and 7 months. You may purchase extended video access for your lessons anytime within 60 days of your access expiration.

  • Your options for extended video access.
    Extend your video access for six months or 12 months. (prices vary, see below)

Extend your video access to any SUBSCRIPTION Course (Suzuki courses, Fabulous Fiddle Fundamentals, Wohlfahrt) here:

Video Extension – 6 months – $30

Video Extension – 12 months – $60

Extend your video access to any SINGLE PAYMENT Product (Fiddle Secrets, Vibrato, Learn to Read Music, Holiday Collection, Fiddle Collection) here:

Single Product Extension – 6 months – $8

Single Product Extension – 12 months – $16


Please use this form if you have any questions:

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