Melodious Double Stops, Vol. 1 by Josephine Trott


  • Bruch Concerto in G minor
  • Czardas by V. Monti
  • Praeludium and Allegro by F. Kreisler

These masterpieces have one thing in common: they all utilize double stops! Intermediate violinists need to prepare for these classics by studying double stops. Trott is the classic book for this skill and I’ll walk you through it page by page!



This course takes you through volume 1 of the classic method book, “Melodious Double Stops” by Josephine Trott.

  • You will learn how to approach double stops efficiently and effectively.
  • You will learn a formula that you can apply to every double stops passage
  • You’ll learn to streamline and apply the formula only to the most difficult sections

“Melodious Double Stops, Vol. 1” by Josephine Trott


The Onion Concept: Playing double stops requires many skills! Learn to peel back the layers of difficulty, like an onion, and master one at a time before putting them all together.

Formula: Learn a formula that you can use to dissect any double stops passage and tackle it!

Bow Intonation: You will learn to avoid the crushing the notes with your bow which can adversely impact not only your tone, but your intonation!

This course includes over 75 videos.

You will be given instruction on every single exercise in the book, including playalong videos of some of the hardest pieces.

Choose one single payment of $160, (and get access to all lessons all at once) or choose five monthly payments of $32, with new lessons opening up monthly.

Note: If you are enrolled in my Suzuki Book 4 DELUXE course, you DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE this course, as it is included for free in Suzuki Book 4 Deluxe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the book required for this course?
Yes! You will need to purchase volume 1 of “Melodious Double Stops” by Josephine Trott. It is widely available and is not expensive. It is a wonderful addition to your growing music library!
Is there a pre-requisite for this course?
You should be able to read music.
In addition, you could go through Harvey Whistler’s book “Preparing for Double Stops”, which is quite a bit simpler, although not as melodious.
What is your refund policy?
If you are not completely satisfied with my vibrato lessons, you can get a full, no-questions refund just by emailing us at

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