Suzuki Book 2 Songs Coach

Imagine your teacher’s surprise when you come to your lesson and NAIL the song!
Wouldn’t it be fun to already know the song she’s about to introduce?
This songs coach course has the detailed help you need to make real progress on your Suzuki book 2 songs between lessons with a private teacher.

During your weekly private lesson, most teachers teach concepts and skills for you to apply as you practice during the week.
What if you could progress faster than you thought possible? What if you could have complete confidence in yourself to handle the Boccherini Minuet? Even more, what if you knew the Boccherini well enough to perform it for others?
This course lets you really power up your practice time because it:

  • Teaches the song note by note, phrase by phrase
  • Gives you a head start on learning your next song
  • Helps you apply what you’re learning with your teacher
  • Shows a close-up of the left hand to help you learn fingering
  • Gives you insights you might not get in your lessons
  • And most importantly,it teaches you the notes so you can spend lesson time working on skills and technique

Sign up today and you’ll get intense instruction on every song, play-along videos, and as a free bonus, downloadable audio files of piano accompaniments recorded by a professional pianist!

Watch the video to see the type of instruction you'll get!

” Your coach sessions, and each and every one of your lessons are thorough and easy to understand. You really know how to teach and are so methodical about the way you approach each lesson. You are also a fun teacher! ”
Katie D.

What My Students Are Saying

Adult beginners and intermediate players like you are raving about my lessons.

“I am loving your lessons, Lora. I wish I had found your website seven years ago when I started this journey of learning violin. Your lessons are so detailed, and you present things in a way that I have to remind myself that it’s a video and not real life.”
Donna P

“You really go beyond the extra mile as a teacher and I love you for it! After all these years, thanks to you, I am getting a music education.”
Susan P-M

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, you can get a full, no-questions refund just by emailing us at info[at]
Do you teach how to read music in the detailed videos?
I do not. The instructional videos are meant to let you learn the pieces without the music. You’ll learn by ear and by rote, repetition, and memory, and that’s a huge plus if you don’t know how to read music. If you want some instruction in how to read music, my full Suzuki Book 2 course goes into great detail.
What if you teach different fingerings and bowings than my teacher?
If you have a Suzuki certified teacher, it is almost guaranteed that I and your teacher will teach the same principles, bowings, and fingerings. That’s one benefit of the Suzuki method–uniformity. You should be able to play with any students from anywhere who are learning book 2 from a certified teacher. But yes, if your teacher is just using the Suzuki books but not the Suzuki violin method, then we will almost certainly teach different fingerings and bowings.
What if I buy this class, then want to sign up for your full class? Will I have wasted money?
No! If you buy this class and then sign up for my full Suzuki Book 2 class within 12 months, you’ll have a hefty credit (about $94) to apply to the cost of the full course.

Try it now risk free!

I’m so sure you’ll love these videos that I stand behind them 100%.

  • If you sign up today, you can try the videos out for a full 30 days. If you decide they’re not for you, just shoot me an email and you’ll get your money back!
  • If my teaching style works for you and you want to sign up for the full Suzuki Book 2 class, your purchase today gives you a credit toward the complete class. That’s almost a $100 value so sign up now to make an investment in yourself.

Another FREE Bonus

Here’s one more reason for you to sign up today. Within one week of your purchase, I’ll send you a free fiddle tutorial kit that teaches you how to play “Dark Eyes.” It’s a brooding fiddle favorite, with just enough classical flavor for Book 2 graduates to love!
At the end of book 2, you’ll have the skills you need to play this song, and the kit gives you everything you need to learn it. It’s a $10 value absolutely free.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are already a member of Red Desert Violin's FULL Suzuki Book 2 course, you do not need this class.

This Suzuki Book 2 “Songs Coach” consists of extracts from the full “Suzuki Book 2” course. You may upgrade at a later time if you choose, but if you already have the Suzuki Book 2 full course, you do NOT need this songs coach.