Simple Songs for Special Occasions

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced violinist, Simple Songs can help you! For ANY skill level.

This course uses simple songs to teach powerful, elusive skills such as how to play by ear, training your ears, memorization, and implementing your vibrato without losing control….all while mastering 10 new songs to delight your friends and family!

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$25 per month for 5 months

Play It By Ear, Sam

Utilizing simple, familiar tunes, you will build the preliminary skills needed to be able to play by ear, making you a better, more versatile violinist.


Stronger muscles requires exercising those muscles, starting with an easy weight. See where this is going? wink

Implementing Vibrato

Learn simple but powerful little tricks  to help make the transition from vibrato exercises to ACTUAL vibrato.

Everything Else

Learn about fingerboard geography, intervals, deeper ear training, a touch of theory, transposition, and how it all feeds playing by ear.

Fun Light-Hearted Way to Improve Your Skills

Violin students are like Icarus. They want to fly as high as they can as fast as they can. I was no different! Flying fast and high is fun! But you know what happened to Icarus. (Spoiler Alert: the sun melted his wings off and he crashed to his death…..)

This course shows you how to use the awesome power of simple, familiar songs to make huge gains in your violin playing. When we eliminate the struggle to learn notes and rhythms, we can get straight to the heart of violin playing.

I chose a handful of specific topics to address in this course: Playing by ear, memorization, fingerboard geography, and implementing vibrato into music. But the value of these songs doesn’t stop there! Once you are comfortable with the notes and rhythms of a song, you can shift your awareness to ANY aspect of your playing you would like to improve. Things like intonation, tone, bow control, and more.

What’s Included: Ten Units containing 3-5 videos each. Playalong videos for each song. Backing tracks for each song. Sheet music.

Violinists of every level need this course!

  • If you struggle to play songs by ear…
  • If you struggle to memorize songs…
  • If you struggle to RETAIN songs you have memorized….
  • If you have worked on vibrato, but it fails when you try to use it….
  • If the mere mention of transposing makes your blood run cold…
  • If you never know what to play for friends when asked to play something…
  • If you don’t know what intervals are, or fingerboard geography, or key signatures, or how to train your ears…



If you lack the following skills, you need this course!

    • Play songs by ear
    • Memorize songs
    • Retain old songs you have memorized
    • Apply vibrato to songs without losing control and quality
    • Understand key signatures
    • Understand the essence of fingerboard geography
    • Understand how intervals apply to violin
    • Know how to improve your ear training
    • Know how to transpose a melody from one key to another
    • Spontaneously play songs for friends or special occasions

“Simple Songs” includes the following:

  • About 50 videos in total
  • Learn 10 easy songs by ear and gain incredible insights!
  • Songs: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Go Tell Aunt Rhodie, French Folk Song, I Love the Mountains, Frere Jacques, He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Auld Lang Syne, Home on the Range, Danny Boy, Barcarolle, plus some suprises!
  • Two lesson videos for each song
  • Playalong videos for each song
  • Sheet music for each song
  • Backing tracks for each song to accompany you. Pure fun!
  • Basic ear training instruction
  • Basic fingerboard geography instruction
  • Basic interval and ear training instruction
  • Theory tips
  • Repertoire: Learn 10 lovely new pieces to play for family, friends, and special occasions
  • Access to Lora for questions and support
  • Access to amazing technical support

Plus, unlimited access to your lesson videos for two full years.

One of the best things about Red Desert Violin is our delivery and student care. The lesson videos allow you to “self-serve” at your own pace, but you are not on your own! We don’t just throw you in and hope you can swim! Help is never more than a click away!

  • Choose your payment plan: Single payment of $125 or five payments of $25.
  • Your lessons will open up synchronized with your payment plan.
  • Access your lessons any time you want from your private “” member portal.
  • You have unlimited access to my help and technical support for two full years.
  • You have access to your lessons for two full years after your final payment. After that, affordable access extensions are available.
  • Watch the videos as often as you like, on any device with a fast internet connection.


  • Are there any pre-requisites? You need to be able to play a few basic songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Go Tell Aunt Rhodie. You also should be prepared to use a LOW 2 finger pattern. If you cannot do that yet, you might wait a couple months before signing up for this course.
  • I’m a total beginner. Will this course teach me to play violin? No. While beginners can USE this course to supplement their learning, it does not teach the mountain of skills required to even play the songs in this course.
  • I am an advanced violinist. Are you really saying I need to learn these simple songs? Absolutely! Many advanced violinists missed the opportunity to acquire skills like playing by ear, memorization, ear training, and fingerboard geography because they were too busy…well…becoming advanced vioinists! This course provides a simple “do-it-yourself” way to address those missed opportunities.
  • What if I don’t know vibrato at all? That is FINE. You can still benefit from this course. Chances are, you will soon start working on vibrato and you will need to know the SIMPLE tricks for transitioning from measured vibrato to beautiful natural vibrato.
  • I am a teacher, and I have a student who needs this course. How should I proceed? I would suggest that both you and your student purchase the course. You will want to have access to the same lessons your student is watching so you can help them. After you go through the course once, you will know exactly how to help future students.
  • What if I don’t have a private teacher? If you need help finding a GOOD private teacher, I can help you. But if you are self-instructing, keep in close contact with me and ask questions. If you have not already taken my other Suzuki classes, it is strongly encouraged that you have gone through Red Desert Violin Suzuki Book 1, 2, and 3.
  • Do I need to buy music? Nope! You will be able to download everything you need when you sign up.
  • How long will I have access to my lessons? You will have access to all of the lessons for two full years after your final payment. After that, you can purchase extended access for as long as you want.