"Introducing the Positions" by Harvey Whistler, Vol. 1

The best fingering is often not in 1st position. Learning the positions is essential for violinists who want to play with mastery and maturity. Third and fifth position TRIPLES your options for fingerings and allows you to:

  • Avoid awkward string crossings
  • Choose faster fingerings
  • Play a melody on one string for consistent timbre
  • Choose the most expressive fingering instead of the easiest

I’ll walk you through the whole book!

This course takes you through volume 1 of the classic method book, Introducing the Positions, by Harvey Whistler.

You will learn 3rd and 5th position while also learning the mechanics and technique needed to shift beautifully and accurately.

There are very specific things you need to learn to do to sound beautiful in high positions, and I will teach you what they are, and I will remind you CONSTANTLY to do it!

“Introducing the Positions, vol. 1” by Harvey Whistler


Shifting: You will learn exactly what to do to make your shifts smooth, beautiful, accurate, and consistent. Harvey Whistler’s exercises are POWERFUL when taught properly, and we will dissect his shifting exercises into repetitive steps to build confidence and muscle memory.

Keys: Harvey Whistler’s book advances key by key, allowing you to become acquainted with the finger patterns of each string in each key. You will be forced to “think in the key” to avoid traps that Whistler sets to try to lull you into complacency and to expose if you are failing to focus on the key you are in. This teaches you to “think in a key”, and is invaluable.

Tone: A big part of mastering the positions is learning how to sound good when playing up high. This required bow control and special compensations which we will discuss, and I will nag you constantly until you develop the habit of creating good, solid tone in high positions.

This course includes over 75 videos.

You will be given instruction on every single exercise in the book, including playalong videos of some of the hardest pieces.

Choose one single payment of $160, (and get access to all lessons all at once) or choose five monthly payments of $32, with new lessons opening up monthly.

Note: If you are enrolled in my Suzuki Book 4 DELUXE course, you DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE this course, as it is included for free in Suzuki Book 4 Deluxe.

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“WOW, there is SO MUCH value in your videos. I am really learning a lot with each etude. I am so blessed to have found your courses. There are so much more expensive courses out there that give away a lot less compared to yours. This is just a shout to say THANK YOU for your nuggets of wisdom and the amount of detail that you put in for us your students.”

Frances C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the book required with this course?
Yes! You will need to purchase Volume 1 of “Introducing the Positions” by Harvey Whistler. It has a red cover, it is widely available, and it is not expensive. It is a good thing to build your musical library!
Do I really need instruction for this book?

This book is so wonderful that you will derive benefits from it HOWEVER you work through it. That said, having good instruction for this book will help you get the maximum benefit by helping you focus your efforts on the principles that really matter.

What is your refund policy?

Risk-Free 30-day Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with this course, you can get a full, no-questions refund just by emailing us at info[at]reddesertviolin.com

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