Holiday Collection

Welcome to your bonus holiday tune collection!

These tunes were hand-picked by me to ensure that there is a tune for every level of player. Make sure you download your audio recordings so you can take me anywhere you need to go! Please work through the videos with your instrument and bow in hand.

[Note: If you have any trouble playing the videos (the video pauses, is glitchy, etc), then click the blue HD button in the playback bar (shown below). Doing so turns off high definition, but the playback is then less demanding on your computer and internet connection. If the button is gray, clicking HD will turn high-definition on.]

Downloadable Resources

Download your audio tracks and sheet music here.

Watch the videos as often as you like to help you learn the tunes. Whether you play these for holiday parties, family, friends, or alone at home, HAVE FUN! (I know I had fun making them!)

Instructional Videos