Fiddle Secrets

Hey there, I’m Lora from Red Desert Fiddle.

I used to be a fiddle newbie, and I get it – beginners often feel lost amidst the flashy skills of advanced fiddlers.

This isn’t unique to fiddling; it happens in any field. Masters seem like wizards because we can’t grasp all the layers of their actions.

Ever wondered, “How do they do it?!”

A few years back, as a pro violinist, I attempted to learn the “Last of the Mohicans” fiddle solo. Despite my skills, I struggled with every detail and never mastered it.

Fast forward, I dived into Irish fiddle ornaments and bowings. When I revisited the tune, I couldn’t believe it was the same piece that stumped me.

Surprisingly, it was! Wondering what transformed the experience?


The answer’s simple: I uncovered the three fiddle secrets over time—the same secrets I’m eager to share with you.

Three Keys to Fiddle Mastery

Key #1: Master Common Fiddle Bow Patterns

Mastering a few key fiddle bow patterns adds a danceable flair to your music, setting you apart as the real deal.

In the bowings section, I’ll show you the Nashville Shuffle (aka Simple or Single Shuffle), Georgia Shuffle (Double Shuffle), Synco Shuffle, and Hokum bowing (Triple Shuffle).

Plus, I’ll reveal the secret behind those fancy fiddler patterns – they’re often just clever disguises of simple bowings you already know.

We’ll start by practicing these bowings on open strings, then in a simple scale, and finally in the context of a tune..

And to aid your practice, you’ll have downloadable sheet music with tablature.

Key #2: Master Fiddle Chords

Learning fiddle chords are essential for playing back-up and to advance your skills.

In this section, you’ll get a crash course in reading chord charts, a dash of music theory, and a guide to fingerboard geography.

Plus, you’ll receive free sheet music and cheat sheets for mastering basic chords in all common keys (I won’t torture you with 5 sharps or flats!).

Key #3: Amaze with Fiddle Ornaments

Ornaments are the secret to making a simple tune sound incredibly complex, even to seasoned violinists.
The ornament section is extensive; The world of ornamentation is a complex labyrinth. In fact, the classical world has dozens of treatises devoted just to ornamentation. Unfortunately, the fiddle world is not as neatly organized or standardized. Ornaments vary from person to person and region to region.
While I can’t cover every ornament “dialect,” I’ll provide in-depth explanations for nearly all you’ll encounter. I’ll simplify them and show you how to use them in simple tunes for your own experimentation.

And here’s another secret: These three building blocks aren’t actually “secrets” but absolute essentials. Without them, great fiddle playing will forever remain a mystery.

But once you grasp and apply them, you’ll amaze your audience with your versatile sound. You’ll have the keys to unlock any fiddle tune and make it irresistibly dance-worthy!

Ready to dive in?

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