Fiddle First - Level 1.1

Hello! This is Lora. Welcome to Fiddle First!

Take a moment to look around. This is a “Unit Page”. The beginning of each unit page will have a little note from me to highlight what you will learn in that unit.

This is also where you will download your supplemental/printable documents. Click here to download your Unit 1 Materials.

Unit 1 will prepare your LEFT HAND for everything it needs to know to play the fiddle.

With 22 videos, Unit 1 is a HEAVY HITTER! Don’t freak out. Take your time. Unit 1 and 2 have enough to keep any student busy for several months. I needed to provide you with the foundation you need to even BEGIN playing your fiddle, and that includes dozens of skills! So it’s a steep climb for Units 1 and 2, but just wait! When you hit Unit 3 you will be AMAZED at what you will be able to do!


Ear Training

Pitch, Volume, Timbre

ET Quiz

Fiddle Stuff (Left Hand)

Quick Start Guide Playing Position

Quick Start Guide Left Hand Start Position

Introducing the Fiddle

Tuning the fiddle with pitch gen and tuner

Humble Sponge

Posture/Stance: Statue of Liberty

Cupcakes vs. Pancakes/TAPS

Applying Tapes to fiddle

Names of notes on fiddle

Left Hand Starting Position

The Four Piggies


Quick Note: Start Unit 2 now

Apple Pie Pizz

Twinkle Pluck

Baa Baa ABC pizz

Mary Had Little Lamb pizz

Advanced Tuning fiddle 5ths

Extra Information (for when you need it)

Ergonomics Posture

Ergonomics Finding the right Chin rest

Ergonomics Finding the right Shoulder Rest

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