Fiddle Collection 2017

This collection includes fiddle tunes hand-picked by me for their wide appeal and general awesomeness. It includes well-known mainstream tunes from diverse backgrounds.

Some of the diverse stuff you’ll learn:

      • a waltz: Niel Gow’s Lament
      • a jig: Money in Both Pockets
      • Irish fiddle tunes: Scollay’s Reel, Money in Both Pockets,Tamlin, and Shoes and Stockings
      • American fiddle tunes: Seneca Squaredance, Johnny Cope, and The Gale
      • “Old Time” American fiddle tunes: Magpie and Money Musk


This collection is at a nice medium level of difficulty. The most challenging tunes include complex string crossing patterns and finger twisters.
Most of the tunes can be simplified for beginners, and NONE of the tunes are boring!
You will learn the following tunes, with level of difficulty:

      • Seneca Squaredance (easy)
      • Shoes and Stockings (medium)
      • Johnny Cope (medium)
      • Money Musk (medium)
      • Magpie (medium)
      • Niel Gow’s Lament (medium)
      • Scollay’s Reel (medium)
      • Money in Both Pockets Jig (medium)
      • Tamlin (advanced)
      • The Gale (advanced)

That’s TEN new songs to take to your next jam session!

Included with the 2017 Fiddle Collection:


Audio recordings of each tune with fiddle only
Playalong videos of fiddle only in slow, medium, and fast
Sheet music
Fiddle tab
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Everything you need to quickly learn these new tunes!

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