Membership Renewal

Ensure You Get The Time and Support You Need

Red Desert Violin takes great pride in providing world class lessons that are as good or better than private lessons at a price far below the cost of private lessons. In order to keep our personalized student support high and our prices low, your membership access expires 2 years AFTER your final payment. I hope this has been enough time for you to complete your lessons. It is important to me that my students don’t feel pressured and feel that they have enough time to absorb the mountain of information presented to them.

Good News!

Your membership is renewable for a very reasonable fee. I WANT you to have all the time you need to finish your lessons and reach your goals, so we have created a simple, affordable way for you to extend your access to your videos and to Lora and the Red Desert team.
To enjoy the option of a renewed membership, please renew within 60 days of your membership expiration.
Renew your membership to any SUBSCRIPTION Course (Suzuki courses, Fabulous Fiddle Fundamentals, Wohlfahrt) here:

Subscription Extension – 6 months – $30

Subscription Extension – 12 months – $60

Renew your membership to any SINGLE PAYMENT Product (Fiddle Secrets, Vibrato, Learn to Read Music, Holiday Collection, Fiddle Collection) here:

Single Product Extension – 6 months – $8

Single Product Extension – 12 months – $16


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