Ear Training by Red Desert Violin

We all know intuitively what ear training is, and we agree it is important. But few people know how to even begin to train their ears. This course runs the gammut from defining what pitch is to drilling intervals, to teaching you how to play by ear.

  • Learn how memory and ear training are inseparable

  • Dozens of drills for interval identification

  • Learn to identify different chords and triads

  • Learn how ear training can improve your sight reading

I can’t guarantee it will be fun….but it will be easy….and that’s fun!

With almost 100 videos, this course is broad and deep:

  • Learn how to figure out songs by ear
  • Learn how to develop your inner music voice
  • Learn all about intervals and drill drill drill!
  • Learn about Fingerboard Geography
  • Learn about skills like “pitch memory” that turn you into a ear training BOSS!
  • Learn about sight singing and how to work on it
  • Plus gain insight into valuable additional resources and where to find them

There are many specific skills, concepts, and drills you can do to improve your ear training, and this course does its best to show you all of them!

Get the Deets


Pitch: We start at the very beginning by learning to compare two pitches: same or different, higher and lower, louder and softer.

Rhythms: Ear training is more than just pitch. This course also addresses rhythmic ear training.

Intervals: Probably the biggest part of ear training is interval identification. This takes lots of drilling, and this course will not disappoint. If you want even MORE, I will share my favorite resources and tools for further study.

Chords, Triads, Arpeggios: Learn to hear the difference between major and minor chords, inversions, and even some dominant 7 and diminished chords!

Pitch Prediction: This is my term for “sight singing”, because that is why we study sight singing anyway….so we can hear the pitch in our head before we play it. THIS IS POWERFUL STUFF!

Pitch Memory: I bet you didn’t even know this is a thing. No one does…..because I thought of it. (ok….maybe a couple hundred other people also thought of it….but I gave it the name) Pitch Memory is one of the top 3 skills that assist you in sight reading.

Fingerboard Geography: If playing by memory is a 3-legged stool, Fingerboard Geography is one of those legs.

Choose one single payment of $99, (and get access to all lessons all at once) or choose three monthly payments of $33, with new lessons opening up monthly.

Note: This course includes nearly 100 videos derived from my other classes including Suzuki Book 1, 2, and 3. If you already have these courses, you do not need to purchase this class separately.

What My Students Are Saying

Adult beginners and intermediate players like you are raving about my lessons.

“Lora Staples of RDV is a fantastic instructor! Her easy to use teaching videos cover every topic possible about the violin in a fun but well structured way. The beauty of it is that you can practice via the videos with Lora at a time convenient for you and go at your own pace! You can pause and replay if you didn’t quite catch something or just need to listen again.”

Deb S.

“Lora’s nonjudgmental manners encourage. I even like that she plays on a student violin in her videos. It makes the piece sound achievable. Her lessons are interesting and insightful. There is a sense of achievement after each lesson. They are perfectly paced.”

Svetlana S

“WOW, there is SO MUCH value in your videos. I am really learning a lot with each etude. I am so blessed to have found your courses. There are so much more expensive courses out there that give away a lot less compared to yours. This is just a shout to say THANK YOU for your nuggets of wisdom and the amount of detail that you put in for us your students.”

Frances C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a book required with this course?

No, there is no book required with this course. You will receive a few printable supplements when needed in the lessons.

Do I really need instruction on this topic?

Nope. It is possible to acquire these skills on your own.  I would just ask: why have you not done it yet? And then I would invite you to give this course a try for 30 days.

What is your refund policy?

Risk-Free 30-day Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with this course, you can get a full, no-questions refund just by emailing us at info[at]reddesertviolin.com

How long do I have to complete the course?

You will have 2 full years to complete the course, and if you need more time, you can renew for another year for only $10.

Is there a pre-requisite?

No. This is Ear Training from beginning to high intermediate. Three full levels starting at the very beginning.

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