Bow Distribution

If a student plays all the right notes, all the right rhythms, and all the right bowings, then why do they still sound like a student instead of a professional? Bow Distribution is one of those elusive skills that separates amateurs from professionals! Many students don’t know what this means. Others don’t know how to do it. This course will teach you both!

DO NOT PURCHASE if you are currently enrolled in Red Desert Violin Suzuki Book 2. You already have these lessons. Lucky you!!

Finally! SPECIFIC instructions on the elusive skill of bow distribution!


Familiar Tunes

We will use 9 pieces from Suzuki Violin Book 2 as etudes to work out our bow distribution plans. That way, you can focus on your bow work, not on learning notes.

Solving a Puzzle

This mini-course will show you some common bow distribution challenges and problems, and their solution. Learn to recognize what is not working, why it is out of place, and how to make adjustments to make it work better.

Develop Your Instinct

This course will get you started on a journey toward developing your own bow distribution instincts. Once you understand the logic, your confidence will grow, and you will learn to make bow distribution decisions on the spot. (you can always change your mind later!)

Who needs this course?

If you feel your playing lacks that “professional” sound, or if you want to add spark to your playing, or you just don’t know what more to do than notes and rhythm, BOW DISTRIBUTION is the skill you are looking for!

If you know what bow distribution is but don’t know how to do it, you need this course!

If you need to “steel” yourself for Suzuki Book 4, you need this course!

Even if you are playing more advanced repertoire, this mini-course is perfect for you because you can focus entirely on your bow, not on learning the notes


Specifically, you’ll learn:


    • How to assign basic bow proportions to rhythmic values in each new song.
    • Common bow distribution issues and how to work around them
    • A logical process for puzzling through bow distribution
    • Creating a bow distribution plan (who knew that was a “thing”?!)
    • The questions you need to ask when making bow distribution decisions
    • How to watch other violinists and learn from their bow distribution
    • Balanced versus unbalanced bowings, bow proportions, and note ratios
    • How to approach bow distribution on a brand new piece

What Red Desert Violin Students Are Saying

People just like you are learning to play the violin with my lessons.

I tried to find out what I was doing with each hand to produce the ugly sound. So I paid close attention to my physical movements. Voila! Several of your lessons flashed before my eyes :). One was the three elements of tone production. Another was the dreaded broken chicken wing. A third was colle and hand. A fourth was left hand death grip. So I took them one by one to see what difference each would make. Again voila! The ugly sound went away. … I can now believe that I actually could get some tunes down well. And a change in a part of oneโ€™s limiting belief system is a very big deal from my point of view. So thank you and congrats on finding a way to do that for so many of us.
Jarl N.

Lansing, MI

When I started to play the violin, I tried several things to teach myself how. Traditional lessons were, at the time, completely out of the question since I was a truck driver full time, and out there in The Real World. … What you have is the best, and absolutely perfect, way for me to learn.

You’re fun! You have ways of teaching that suits me and my learning abilities. I can take my time, go at a pace that allows me to have a life also. You know, work and such. If I feel I want to take 2 weeks, or even more, to do a week lesson, well, so be it. You aren’t yelling at me to hurry up and get it already.

I did a lot of research before I settled on you. There are many choices for computer aided violin instruction out there. You were the most human, most fun, most real.

Karis B


I am a trained musician, and I have had teachers. Good teachers. But none have pointed out these fun, interesting, and IMPORTANT, tricks, techniques, and exercises like Lora does. When Lora shows something like RINGY NOTES or 3 pig races, or Practice your Bow in a Mirror, for example, and then she sums it up with: Do this every day and it will PAY OFF BIG TIME… or she says: You”ll get Lots of BANG for Your BUCK HERE… well, that motivates me!

And it’s really happening. I actually enjoy practicing for the first time in my life, and I’m 54. LOL It’s because the way Lora breaks it down, it’s do-able. You are able to take each little skill and see how and where you need to fix it. Then all the little skills fit together like a big puzzle that I finally realize is POSSIBLE for me to ACCOMPLISH. This is a very fun approach. THANK YOU

Cyd R

Ocala, FL

The Bow Distribution Mini-Course includes the following:

  • Eleven lesson videos featuring extensive discussion and demonstration of bow distribution decisions.
  • Thorough dissection of nine songs from Suzuki Book 2 (not Lully, Gossec, nor Gavotte from Mignon)
  • Hands-on learning, I have built in opportunities for you to try the concepts out.
  • Personal access to my help and technical support for two full years.

Plus, unlimited access to your lesson videos for two full years.

One of the best things about Red Desert Violin is our delivery and student care. The lesson videos allow you to “self-serve” at your own pace, but you are not on your own! We don’t just throw you in and hope you can swim! Help is never more than a click away!

  • You will be charged one time only.
  • You will gain access to all eleven lessons immediately upon registration.
  • Access your lessons any time you want from your own “” member portal.
  • You have unlimited access to my help and technical support for two full years.
  • Watch the videos as often as you like, on any device with a fast internet connection.
  • What if I am past Suzuki Book 2? That is PERFECT. If you have already gone through Suzuki Book 2, then this course will provide a meaningful review of old repertoire, but with a new invigorating challenge of bow distribution. By using repertoire that is easier for you, you can focus entirely on your bow technique.
  • What if my private teacher disagrees with what you teach me?Any good teacher recognizes multiple approaches to common topics. Most teachers will applaud your resourcefulness, because private lessons do not allow much time to be spent on this topic.
  • Will the bow distribution I learn in these lessons be the “one true” use of bow distribution? There is no such thing as “the one true” anything on violin! What this course will give you is the ability to make decisions, and defend your decisions intelligently. Keep an open mind. You might discover ways you like better than mine….in which case you are on your way to independent learning!
  • Don’t I need contact with a live teacher? Yes! And I work very hard to shrink the distance between us. You can reach out to me anytime through the comments section where you’ll get personal feedback from me and your peers. You have unlimited personal access to my help and tech support for your first year. After that, you can purchase an extension to continue getting personal attention. I’ll always be there to answer questions personally and give support and encouragement.
  • Do I need to buy music? You will need a copy of Suzuki Violin Book 2, revised edition.
  • How long will I have access to my lessons? You will have access to all of the lessons for two full years. After that, you can purchase extended access for as long as you want.
  • What if I fall behind? No such thing! Take your time and let it all sink in! Take time off when life happens. Try to complete at least 1 lesson per month to maintain forward progress.

ALL for $37 USD

Your credit card will be billed once for $37 when you sign up.

*IMPORTANT NOTE! If you are currently enrolled in the larger “Suzuki Violin Book 2” course, these lessons are included in that course! You do not need to purchase them.

In depth discussion of bow distribution, as applied to Suzuki Book 2.
Learn what questions to ask to get you started.
Develop your own bow distribution instinct.
Confidence in your decisions on bow usage.
Free interaction with me and other students through the comments section.