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As a member, you can download free recordings of me and Larry Unger playing each song in the course. You get three versions of each song: fiddle only, fiddle with guitar, and guitar only. Larry is a fabulous guitarist and musician and he wrote some of the tunes you’ll be learning! These recordings give you three great ways to play along with me or just with a guitar accompaniment if you like. It’s a fun and instructive way to practice your tunes. Plus, listening is a very important part of the learning process.

  • Video Indexes: One of your fellow students painstakingly outlined the key concepts of every video, including the timestamps. This is a HUGE value (thanks so much, Jarl!) The indexes will help you identify spots in the lessons that you want to review. Download ALL 24 here (a zip file of PDFs) or they will be available individually in each unit.

    If you need help with any of the above or have other technical questions, please contact us.

    Do I Need To Buy the Sheet Music?

    I am very excited to partner with Virtual Sheet Music to create a custom, exclusive book of fiddle music for this course. The Fiddle Collection includes all 24 tunes we will be studying, plus some bonus variations and “twin-fiddle” parts on a couple songs. The book includes guitar chords, piano arrangements, and of course, the fiddle part.

    You can print it if you prefer a hard copy, or you can use it right on your computer screen. This is an amazingly versatile book, and is definitely worth the price of just $9.99. Get it now at Virtual Sheet Music.

    You can get even greater value from Virtual Sheet Music if you sign up for an annual membership. With a membership, you can download thousands of sheet music titles for only $37.75. And with a membership, you get the Red Desert Fiddle Collection for no extra cost! It’s a great value and we’re big fans of Virtual Sheet Music.

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